The McDonald Trip to Latvia August 2001

(There's a lot more where this came from so check back in a couple of weeks)

Graeme, Norm, Lyla, Tracy, Mom, and Dad are seen here at the Newark, NJ airport where we all
(except Lenore who flew in a day later) met up to fly to Riga. Lynda is probably in the
bathroom.  Austin is probably trying to get a head start on buying amber.

This is where Dad gives his famous "You should all eat more fiber while traveling.  Bran in
the morning is good" speech

On the SAS flight Austin chooses the Swedish hash and
a nice white wine
I choose the salmon and Danish beer. 
The food was much better on the return flight

Graeme has a great time with all the Lego at the Copenhagen Airport where
we saw cellist Mstislav Rostropovich getting off an airplane.

Views from our room at Hotel Riga

The Opera House where my grandparents met.  I attended three events during our stay -
two operas, the Magic Flute and Aida, and one ballet
 More on the Opera House

The park adjacent to the Opera House with flower beds shaped in Latvian designs

Our hotel, Hotel Riga, as seen from the banks of the canal in the park.  The Opera House
is on the left.  Lenore and I stayed on the second floor with a nice little balcony.

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