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July 3, 2022

In Memory of Zita Dabars

February 20, 2022

Rocket on the mend after putting a little too much energy into chasing squirrels

November 29, 2021

Zita, we will miss you dearly and hope you travel to amazing places in heaven

December 20, 2020

Austin in Paradise
larger version

March 22, 2020

Rest in Peace, Dear Sasha
larger version

December 29, 2019

Graeme and Ginger Christmas 2019

Jun 8, 2019

Zita and nephews circa 1983
larger version

Dec 09, 2018

Lyla with Hindu god at the Ellora Caves
larger version

Dec 02, 2018

Happy Recent Birthday to Tracy!! Here is Tracy being a passenger in a rickshaw and a person of interest at the Ajanta Buddhist Caves

Dec 06, 2018

Zita and Ilse enjoying a tour of the high bay and clean room at Goddard Space Flight Center

October 15, 2017

T's 53rd birthday!

April 9, 2017

Something in the way she moves
I don't get it   |   Inspiration from Tommy   |   big big

March 12, 2017

Tommy's photo was accepted for inclusion in the Olumpus User Photo Gallery. Congratulations!

March 12, 2017

Celebrating Marie's 60th birthday with Liv and a crowd of well wishers at Lyla and Tracy's. Fun times!

March 5, 2017

Tom Sr's painting inspired by Mr. Pin's camellias (larger version)

February 26, 2017

Our friend Chip (larger version) (time travel version)

February 19 2017

Ian, Grayson, John, Sandy, Allison, Lenore and T at Wofford College after Grayson's last home game!
(larger version)
Also, Lyla in Cozumel: a study in family resemblence.)

January 29, 2017

Mr. Pinholster's beautiful camellias tiding us over until spring
Also, a new chair for Ingrid

January 22, 2017

Family and friends in attendance at the Women's March on Washington

January 15, 2017

Zita's 2016 Christmas display outside her front door at her new place at Oak Crest

January 1, 2017

2016 Christmas in Savannah (larger version and here's a thing)

December 18, 2016

The morning weather report in East Dundee, IL.

December 11, 2016

Family and Albie celebrating Zita's move into her new home in Baltimore with a Plank of Grilled Meat dinner at Turkish restaurant Mare Nostrum

December 4, 2016

Recent fun gettogether of long time mateys (Tom, Ingrid, Johnny, Patsy, Phorbe and Jim) at the Pirate House in Savannah. (Thanks to Patsy for making the photo op happen) (larger version)

November 20, 2016

We had a marvelous time in Savannah celebrating with Sandy, the Birthday Girl!(larger version)

November 13, 2016

Ingrid and Tom cutting the rug at the Squares. Meanwhile on E Back St....
Thanks to Hank Gladkowsky for the fun photo of Ingrid and Tom!
(We won't reveal the source of the stealth photo of T and Chip)

November 6, 2016

Happy Birthday, Tracy! Looking Cool!

October 23, 2016

Tom, Jim (in attractive overalls!) and an unknown kid at the Rockford farm.

October 16, 2016

Celebrating Greame's 25 years of life and Lyla and Tracy's 10 years of marriage.(larger image)

October 9, 2016

Ingrid recovering comfortably especially after being given the all-clear to have a glass of wine.

Sept 27, 2016

Early photos of Zita's move - kitchen artwork and a sighting of the shy but curious Misha.

Sept 18, 2016

Our cousin Garrett Asche and his prize winning steer (2nd place!) at the Winnebago State Fair

Sept 11, 2016

Arlene and Ray apparently picking (not stealing) apples

August 28, 2016

Cicada leaving its shell on East Back Street

August 21, 2016

Breakfast and dinner for my hummingbird friends

August 14, 2016

Summer frogmore stew and crab feast in Zita's beautiful garden (photo by Albie) followed by Austin's Dali inspired lemon cake.

August 7, 2016

Tommy and Sandy's new dalmation puppy (no name yet) trying to help make the cookies.Update: His name is Chip!

July 10, 2016

Lyla and Tracy kissing in a chair
Bonus: Tommy being chased by a storm on the way to SC to buy peaches

July 3, 2016

Lyla and Lenore at our old stomping ground - Buckingham Fountain, downtown Chicago

June 19, 2016

Birthday Celebration for Lyla at Tio Pepe's with Tracy, Lois, Zita, Austin, Laura and William
Bonus: Outside Art

June 19, 2016

Nerd Alert.

June 12, 2016

The Before. Waiting for the After.

June 5, 2016

Zita reunited with her former student Andrew when he dropped by to pick up Russian language teaching materials for his wife Danine who teaches Russian. Sasha better be careful or he'll end up as part of a high school Russian language lesson

May 30, 2016

Laura planting her summer balcony garden after the first swim of the season. Hello Summertime!

May 23, 2016

Lyla's early celebration of her birthday at Austin's. And we wished Little T a happy birthday as well!

May 15, 2016

Sad news that we lost Biggs this week. He will be missed by all who knew him

May 8, 2016

Score! Lyla, Laura and Austin and WIlliam attended an estate sale featuring mid century fabric from NYC and Europe     closer look
Top: Lyla's rayon faille, wool, flowery polyester sheer
Middle: Laura's silk, rayon, wool
Bottom: Austin's black silk faille, peach scarf, grey wool (pant weight) and white polyester crepe de chine

May 1, 2016

Ollie, the baby owl of East Back Street A closer look

April 17, 2016

Charles and Glen served a wonderful dinner for Zita's birthday!

April 10, 2016

Bonus: An enhanced version
Tracy's new ride. Mighty fine!

April 3, 2016

All sorts of stuff going on in Savannah last Friday night.

March 26, 2016

Ingrid, Tom and Laura spent a wonderful evening seeing Melinda and The Edisto Players perform and staying up until after 1AM with Hosts with the Most, Patsy and Johnny

March 6, 2016

William's Birthday Breakfast with Austin and Craig!

March 13, 2016

Austin's Birthday! bonus  ||  second bonus (Opapu's polaroid)

February 21, 2016

We will be celebrating Susie's birthday with photo memories from the past and relatively present. Happy Birthday, Susie!

February 14, 2016

Dianne and Brian are apparently enjoying all the wonderfulness of New Orleans. What a fun pic!

February 7, 2016

Here we have Austin being simultaneously kissed and threatened by fish

January 31, 2016

William and Austin take Chicago with Lenore visiting the house in "Groundhog Day" and hovering outside the renamed Sears Tower
larger image and bonus: lenore with "Wait,Wait" celebrity Mo Rocca

January 17, 2015

Zita on a guided tour of the White House with friends and their family members from her water aerobics class. In addition to being able to pose with the official White House Christmas tree Zita also got a quick unscheduled tour through the official White House kitchen.

January 10, 2015

Chicago Pizza Time for Austin and William with Lenore and the Winkelmanns

December 27, 2015

Christmas dinner 2015

December 20, 2015

Graeme getting to know Zita's cats Misha and Sasha

December 13, 2015

Zita, Lyla, Tracy with Charles and Glenn enjoying their delicious board of seaford in Baltimore

December 6, 2015

Tommy's artistry on E Back Street

November 22, 2015

Top:Snow at Lenore's in East Dundee!! Bottom:And on closer ispection....
And then there's this

November 15, 2015

Guess who has a birthday this week! Happy Birthday, Sandy

November 8, 2015

Tracy turns 60 and fills his house with friends and family. Another view of the cake

November 1, 2015

Tom and Ingrid during Sunday night vchat. Tom is contemplating Daylight Savings and smoothie explosions

October 25, 2015

Catarina, the wife of Martin Luther, poses with Lenore, Lyla and Tracy in Wittenberg, Germany

October 11, 2015

Lake Lure, NC

October 3, 2015

Our Lady of Guadalupe, Santa Fe, NM (larger image)

September 13, 2015

Crabs in Baltimore, fondue in Savannah

September 8, 2015

August 30, 2015

Tree and Laura at the Bonaventure Cemetary

August 23, 2015

Happy 60th Anniversary to Tom and Ingrid!
Are you ready for some pictures?

July 26, 2015

Birthday cake for Laura!

July 19, 2015

Some green flora and fauna at Botany Bay on Edisto Island

July 5, 2015

Uncle Dan's old 1925 Ford Model TT rides again in the Rockford July 4th Parade
Check out the movie
(may take a few minutes to download and display)

June 28, 2015

Two special fathers on Father's Day 2015

June 21, 2015

Mr. Thomas Francis McDonald Jr wins the Flood Plain Manager of the Year award. Go Tommy, Go Tommy!

June 14, 2015

Lenore in a lacey dress. It must have been a special occasion. Happy Recent Birthday, Lenore!

May 24, 2015

Celebrating Lyla's birthday at Zita's. Thai food and Austin's lemon cake!

May 24, 2015

Austin and William embellish the skyline of Malta

May 17, 2015

Summer has unofficially arrived in DC! bonus

May 10, 2015

Love to all mothers in the family present and past: Happy Mothers Day!

May 3, 2015

Tom Sr (looking mischievous as usual) and Mary Anne?

April 26, 2015

Zita's beautiful new quilt made by Austin with design help by William

April 19, 2015

Celebrating Zita's birthday with Frogmore Stew on a wonderful warm spring day!

April 12, 2015

Easter at Lorella's with guest host, Oscar. Delicious!

March 29, 2015

The trickster visited Laura today. He took a marble from the glass vase and dropped it into the flowers.

March 22, 2015

Tom and Ingrid had a nice reunion with friends at Edisto. Here they are hanging with Johnny and Patsy.

March 15, 2015

Celebrating William's birthday with sushi!!

March 7, 2015

The birthday boy!

March 1, 2015

The boys (William, Austin and Craig) take New York!

February 22, 2015

Meet our new cousin Hailey Josephine Carlson, born Tuesday February 17 to Kristi and Eric. Congratulations! As you can see Susie (happy birthday to you!) and Jeff are very proud grandparents.

February 15, 2015

Belmont, OH: What a site visit looks like in Lenore's world (larger version)

February 8, 2015

A Latvian Wedding: Congratulations to Maris and Aiva! Skaista!

February 1, 2015

Flamingo shirts on, ready for the party!

Jan 18, 2015

McDonald family men represent!

Jan 11, 2015

Post Christmas art gallery browsing, shopping and sightseeing with Sandy
(bonus christmas art)

Dec 28, 2014

Christmas in Savannah panorama (larger version)

Dec 21, 2014

Balcony lights at Van Ness North, DC (2014)

Dec 14, 2014

A fun, fun night for William, Austin, Laura and Lorella at Zoo Light at the National Zoo. Note to Laura: get off the moving hippo before taking photos on the carousel. bonus

Dec 7, 2014

Cute-as-a-button cousins giving a callout to their Latvian relatives in front of the Latvian Christams tree at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago

Nov 30, 2014

A whole lot of scariness going on at the Leigh household on Halloween this year!

Nov 23, 2014

Lenore enjoyed several beautiful sunrises on a recent trip to St. Louis

Nov 16, 2014

Latvians on the loose at the Latvian Embassy: Silvija with her new candelabra, courtesy of Ingrid and the family

Nov 9, 2014

A very fun pic with Little T and his toys.

Nov 2, 2014

Family portraits at the Chicago Science and Industry museum. The first is pre-Tommy. Here is a higher res image

October 26, 2014

William, Edvard and Austin (behind the camera) out for a LONG walk on a fine fall day.

October 19, 2014

There is no doubt which one of these little rascals is Tom Sr in first grade. Can you find him? Here is a higher res image

October 12, 2014

Tom and T in front of Tom and Ingrid's new place in Savannah. They are settling in - maybe not quickly but nicely<

October 5, 2014

A blast from the 1970s past: macrame art by Austin in Zita's basement

September 29, 2014

Thomas Sr: A tale of two hats

September 15, 2014

We think this is MCG in the 60s. We're not sure why Dad is shoeless on the top of the refrigerator

September 8, 2014

A fellow Alaska trip traveller sent us this lovely shot of a family kayak powwow near Misty Fjord

September 1, 2014

Tom and Ingrid celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary this week. A quiet event but champagne was consumed!

August 24, 2014

The gang in Alaska: Above at Sawyer Glacier with the two park rangers we picked up and below at our last dinner on the ship with our new friend Rowland

August 17, 2014

Graeme graduates with honors from University of South Carolina! Next stop Carnegie Mellon Master of Science - Robotic Systems Development (MRSD) program

July 6, 2014

Lenore joined Susie and the Rockford gang to watch Uncle Dan's truck in the 4th of July parade!

June 29, 2014

Early Art from Laura. B+??? Could the teacher just not get past the penguin's three legs?

June 22, 2014

Polaroid pictures taken with a circa 1977 camera found in Opapu's stash of A/V equipment

June 15, 2014

Funeral for a Friend: Lyla and her college friends at Ben's memorial service June 8. Catch a glimpse of Den above Wayne's shoulder.

May 30, 2014

Some highlights from Spoleto/Lyla's birthday 2014

May 24, 2014

Laura's using conventional pots for her garden. Lenore's taking a different route.
(Please send me your garden pics)

May 18, 2014

This is not so much about Tracy and neighbor/friend Ed enjoying some well deserved refreshment on a nice spring afternoon as it is about the beautiful green lawn they have installed over the last two weeks

May 11, 2014

Lenore, Ray, Brian and Arlene celebrate Laura's graduation (summa cum laude). Congratulations, Little L! (bonus)

May 4, 2014

His and hers outfits! Cute or just asking for trouble?

April 27, 2014

Here's 1 year old cutey pie Landon, Jimmer's grandson, Andrew's son. I know what everyone is thinking - Mr Bubble!

April 20, 2014

Spring is about to be sprung at Austin and William's place!

April 13, 2014

We all wish Jeff a speedy recovery from his heart surgery! Here he is resting comfortably at home. Katie is at his side after Chloe (Susie and Jeff's cat) allowed Katie to take her spot.

April 6, 2014

Leo, Emma, Max and their new friend at the Field Museum!

March 23, 2014

Lyla hanging in Haiti!

March 16, 2014

Lenore visited the cool seahorses with the Winkelmans recently at the Shedd Aquarium.

March 9, 2014

Austin with William and a little complimentary dessert decadence at our DC family celebration of his 51st birthday!

March 2, 2014

Little T, looking good!

February 9, 2014

Lyla, Ingrid, Tom and Tracy at the old cemetary near Botany Bay, Edisto SC

February 2, 2014

Austin celebrating with his co-workers at his going away party at G Street Fabrics.

January 29, 2014

Master snowman artisan Paula built a snowman on the bench that Lenore "owns" behind the East Dundee library. So cute!

January 22, 2014

Austin and William at Disney after it finally warmed up. Happy Honeymoon!

January 9, 2014

Meet Zita's new adopted cats: Misha and Sasha! Zita is happy to have them and they are happy to have a new friend and cozy home.

January 2, 2014

Lenore: Winner of the 2013 Christmas Contest - See more pics

December 29, 2013

Austin and William got married!!!!   Share the Joy here.

December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas! - Clockwise from Top: DC, East Dundee, Savannah, DC

December 15, 2013

Tom and Ingrid were honored at a recent gathering of the Edisto Art Guild

November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: The North vs The South

November 24, 2013

Tracy is getting better each day now after his heart attack Nov 14

November 17, 2013

Tom and Ingrid in blue (photo courtesy of Austin)

November 10, 2013

Teresa, T, Woody, Lenore, (L)Arlene and Laura at our favorite fountain last October during a nice Charleston walkabout

October 27, 2013

Max and Leo are trick or treating as the White Rabbit and Mad Hatter! Leo has said he is partial to "those coconut candies" (mounds bars)

October 20, 2013

Tom and Ingrid accepted the Dragon Heart Award on behalf of Lynda at the Dragon Boat Charleston 10th Anniversary Awards Ceremony
More information about the award (kindly provided by Leslie)

October 13, 2013

Paddling back to the dock amongst the flowers thrown from the dock after scattering Lynda's ashes in the Ashley Rivers. A beautiful ceremony. Thank you Dragon Boat Charleston.

Flow ashes flow
Flow out to sea
Take Lynda' remains
Set them free.

Yet her Spirit lives on
To doubt would be wrong
Think of her of... often.
She's really not gone.

        -- Tom McDonald Sr

Sept 29, 2013

Lenore and T enjoying the weekend's wonderful Charleston weather

Sept 22, 2013

Meet Braxton Paul Carlson, our newest cousin, born September 15, 2013! Congratualtions to Kristie and Eric and doting grandparents Susie and Jeff.

Sept 8, 2013

Laura and Marcia celebrating their recent birthdays with Brooke, Dana and Jameson

Sept 1, 2013

Ah, college food service worker memories. Nice touch, Austin, to take the pic over the sink!

August 18, 2013

Our younger cousins - Emma, Leo and Max - having summer fun in Dianne and Brian's summer garden! Happy Birthday, Emma!

August 11, 2013

Omite and Opapu's house on Graham Ave. It's not the same (no roses, cherry or linden tree) but it looks well taken care of.

August 4, 2013

Surprise! Lyla and Tracy represented the family at the surprise party Ben threw for Den. Happy Birthday, Dennis!

July 28, 2013

Lyla contributed this photo of Laura taking photos in Riga, probably of the Art Nouveau buildings on Alberta Iela.

July 21, 2013

Alisa, Ingrid, Laura, Lynda, Graeme and Tom (photographer) on the rooftop relaxing after a hard day's work unpacking boxes and moving furniture

July 14, 2013

Good friends for many years: Zita and Olga

July 7, 2013

Rite of Passage: Early Childhood Education Thanksgiving Art project. Artist: Lyla
Description? Dedication? Old American English dialect?

June 30, 2013

Goodnight Super moon. Goodbye Talisman II.

June 16, 2013

Oak Park, June 1963 - Lyla, Laura, Lenore and "Linda". We believe we knew Kevin Gross and his daughter because he rented a parking space in our garage.

June 2, 2013

Squash Outriggers on a Sea of Tortillas - Party Food Art by Lynda

May 26, 2013

The McDonald Girls in Silhouette

May 12, 2013

Ingrid at Snickers Iela next to the lilac tree planted where Omite and Opapu's ashes are buried. A wonderful memorial!

May 5, 2013

Maris, Aina, Ansis, Gustavs, T, Ingrid, Gunta, Tracy & Lyla after a wonderful meal of Latvian food, beer and chocolate. Garshigi!!

April 29, 2013

Little T should be cast in the next Toy Story! He's a natural.

April 14, 2013

An Edisto "Ta Da"

March 31, 2013

Tom with fellow cast members (including Dee and Melinda!!) from the "Red Velvet Cake Wars"

March 24, 2013

Thomas McDonald, star of the Edisto Players' production of the "Red Velvet Wars", with his fans

March 17, 2013

A new world record.

March 10, 2013

The Birthday Boys 2013

March 3, 2013

Lenore has been visiting some Indianapolis hotspots in her spare time. Here's Omite and Opapu's house - the roses are gone but the tree we climbed remains - and Reilly Laboratories where they worked.

February 17, 2013

Zita with her good friends Mara, Baiba and Ron. Laura was with them at the lovely marriage ceremony of friends and Maryland gay marriage activists Charles and Glen. One of the grooms sang two songs, uncluding "There's a Place for Us" from West Side Story

February 10, 2013

This seemingly somber picture in the lovely Georgetown Hospital chapel was actually taken as William and Laura took Austin on a joy ride in a wheelchair. We visited all the hospital hotspots

February 3, 2013

Tracy's grandkids in their element! Go Team Leigh!

January 20, 2013

December 2012: A Better Family Portrait

January 13, 2013

December 2012: A Family Portrait

January 6, 2013

Austin's new ride!

December 30, 2012

Austin and William's Christmas Tree: 2012 Edition

December 15, 2012

Lyla, Tracy, Austin, Laura, Lenore, and Zita joined forces to make the Christmas piragi! Fun times but a lot of work.

December 9, 2012

After years of complaining about leafblowers Lynda has a new unwieldly obsession. She was last seen cleaning the sidewalks in Walterboro

December 2, 2012

Some goings-ons on Florida Ave. (That tree should be whipped into shape by next weekend - stay tuned)

Nov 25, 2012

Ingrid’s Fridge: A Thanksgiving Miracle!!

Nov 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Sandy!!! Her birthday meal today was pizza and cake. (Picture depicts a dinner from a past family event.)

November 4, 2012

A room full of happy diners at Lyla and Tracy's. (click to see larger version)

October 28, 2012

Austin and William celebrated their 19th anniversary and their new home renovation with a party! Artist and friend Jonathan Blum painted a portrait of Edvard for the occasion.
(Jonathan also painted the portrait of the dog above the fireplace)

October 21, 2012

The reviews are in and they are all good. Tom Sr starred as the mayor in "Beach Notes" this past weekend.

October 14, 2012

Lynda made an overnight trip to Illinois (thx to Roland for F&aamp;F ticket help) to make a special appearance at McHenry County College's screening of "Awaken the Dragon". Here she is surrounded by family and friends - (counterclockwise from Lynda) Paula, Susie, Lenore, Arlene, Roland, Dianne, Brian and two new friends, a cancer surviver Chris and Donna, a co-worker of Paula's

October 7, 2012

Kristi and Eric married in Lake Tahoe on September 1, 2012! Lenore headed to Rockford this weekend to attend a reception for those who could not make it to the wedding. Lenore represented the family and took pics at the reception and at Susie & Jeff's place (with David and Ruth) the night before. Congratulations, Kristi and Eric!!!

September 30, 2012

14th Annual Tybee Island Sea Kayak Race 2012: Lynda and PKS are paddling an OC2. Radel paddled his surf ski. (Photo courtesy of Tommy)

September 23, 2012

Zita on the road to recovery with flowers from the family.

September 9, 2012

It is obviously in our blood so we might as well go ahead and get it over with. Create your own Scary Ass Clown (SAC) in any medium. Tom and Austin have set the bar pretty high so let's see what we can do to continue the nightmares!

September 2, 2012

"Austin McDonald, Superstar, Do you think you're what they say you are?"

August 19, 2012

A Very Happy 7th Birthday to our sweet and cutey cousin Emma! (And Brian is no slouch either). Photo coutesy of Lenore who was there to help celebrate.

August 12, 2012

Lenore visits the Mothership (the original Starbucks in Seattle).

August 5, 2012

Hello Kitty! Lyla and Tracy got their new cat this week! No name yet, we'll keep you posted.

July 29, 2012

Another Edisto Sunset

July 15, 2012

June 2012 Birthday Celebration: Arrivals - Lenore, Dianne and Annie arrive from Chicago
See more pictures of the days leading up to the party

July 8, 2012

Tom and Ingrid drinking German beer at the Latvian Festival in Milwaukee, WI USA.

July 1, 2012

Video chat silliness. We had to get it out of our system.

June 24, 2012

New glasses for the Austman. Looking good!

June 17, 2012

When a wake of turkey buzzards landed on the roof next store we determined that Tracy (who was recovering from a cold) was the weakest of the herd.

June 10, 2012

It's all about the hair (Anna, Lyla, Lynda, Brian, Lenore).

June 3, 2012

Ingrid and Tom celebrate their 80th and 85th birthday in style on Edisto.

May 27, 2012

Lovely His and Hers Tattoos. Ganesh tattoo for Lyla and Grateful Dead related tat for Tracy. They both are recovering nicely

May 20, 2012

Lynda, front and red-headed, paddling to the finish line at the DC Dragon Boat Festival,

May 13, 2012

The Roar of the Bacon Grease, The Smell of the Agony of Making Janu Siers - Laura, Lyla and Austin spent the day making Latvian food.

May 6, 2012

New 2012 Subaru Impreza hatchbach with CVT and sunroof for Laura. First song played on fancy stereo: Mesopatania by The B52s; First destination: Neighborhood Pizza place for take-ou: First bluetooth call: to Joe; First shopping trip with spacious trunk: G Street Fabrics and Harris Teeters

April 29, 2012

Lyla & Tracy on their way to Haiti and their garden which is filled with gifts from friends and family. The maple is from Leigh & Andrew. The roses are actually overhanging from their neighbor Warren's yard. The lilac is from Lyla's siblings

April 22, 2012

Laura enjoyed one of the perks of working at a NASA facility - a special flyover by the Shuttle Discovery on top of a 747. One of her co-workers was tracking its location on Twitter and noted that someone called it the "Turducken of Flight". The chaser plane is a T-38.

April 15, 2012

Craig, Zita, Austin, Monique, Randall, William and Laura enjoyed a delicious Easter meal. William picked the egg that matches his shirt and smashed his competition

April 8, 2012

Let's all go to the movies! Awaken the Dragon star Lynda Rock attends the 4:10 showing with her family.

March 25, 2012

Springtime in Austin and William's back yard

March 18, 2012

Tommy, Sandy and Teen T's yard in all its azalea glory

March 11, 2012

Zita with former student Taj and her handsome family - Ben, Roma, Eli and new baby sister Adele born January 25, 2012. Zita served cioppino and mac and cheese for dinner. Both were a big hit!

March 04, 2012

Austin and William - the Birthday Boys!

February 26, 2012

Marcia, Laura and Brooke all tangled up in the Angel Oak on our Dec 2011 Weekend Getaway to Charleston (Photo and Art Direction by Lynda)
More pictures from our trip

February 19, 2012

Are you going to eat that?

February 12, 2012

A Story of Progress: Super-Contractor Brent and his men have torn out the ceiling and floor and Austin, William and Edvard are on their way to a fabulous new kitchen. The cabinents are waiting in the wings.

February 5, 2012

Zita, Lyla and Marsha at a Kennedy Center patron lounge (compliments of Marsha) before an amazing performance of L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato by the Mark Morris Dance Group

January 29, 2012

Lyla and Tracy visited Ben and Den in New Jersey and returned with a new piece of art from their friend (name not mentioned due to their special deal). We've been admiring her work for years.

January 22, 2012

More great looking counsins in Rockford. It was great seeing everyone!

January 8, 2012

Three generations of good looking cousins! Anna, Graeme, Dianne, Lyla, Lenore, Austin, Lynda, Laura with Emma front and center

January 1, 2012

FOT (Fresh Off the Train): The start of our day in downtown Chicago. (photo courtesy of Austin)

December 25, 2011

Graeme won the 2011 McDonald Family Christmas Contest with a sentimental entry depicting a man reading to his grandson. Congratulations! We'll add photos of other entries soon.

December 18, 2011

An nice outing to see some legitimate theater and then dinner at Lyla's.
Meanwhile, waiting for unsuspecting visitors to East Dundee......

December 11, 2011

Meet Shadow! She is Lenore's new cat, a gift from the Winklemann's.

December 4, 2011

November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011: Lenore joined the Washington crew via video and the South Carolina crew joined forces with the Savannah crew. Mr. Pin looks on as the doctor does surgery.

November 20, 2011

Graeme with friends and family after his performance at USC

November 13, 2011

The Beat Goes On: Graeme drove to Newberry from Columbia and John McManus drove from Augusta to see Rich Brotherton play with Robert Earl Keene. Represent!

October 30, 2011

The Four Ts: Tracy (Happy Birthday to you!), Thomas, T and Teen T enjoying a little R&R in Williamsburg

October 30, 2011

Lenore's entry (named Theona) in the Dundee Market Pumpkin Contest. She didn't win but she was still fabulous

October 25, 2011

Lovely flowers for Lyla and Tracy as they celebrate their 5th anniversary on their trip abroad

October 16, 2011

European vacation - Hungary, Austria and Germany (photo by Austin)

October 9, 2011

William and Austin peacing out at the 2011 Miss Adams Morgan Pagean

October 2, 2011

Terror on the 103rd Floor: Lenore, Ben and Den (horrified off camera) at the Sears Tower

September 25, 2011

The bathroom off the kitchen in William and Austin's place finally got its facelift!
And here's a poem about it:

It's here, It's true
So you can drink more beer and have a private view
Some may say, "It took so long."
Others will say nay, and know the song
So cheer, So cheer
And have another beer
It's here, it's hung, it's finally done. -- Austin McDonald 2011

September 11, 2011

The 2011 McDonald Family Christmas Contest. Read all about it.

September 4, 2011

The hummingbirds have found the birdfeeder that Tommy and Sandy and Little T gave to Laura

Aug 28, 2011

Ingrid and Tom bought new Kenyan art at Eastern Market, DC

Aug 14, 2011

A flock of ibis recently held a conference in Lynda and Graeme's back yard

Aug 7, 2011

Sandy and T served up a feast (including peach blueberry crisp!). And below, Biggums patiently waits

July 31, 2011

Emma, Leo and Max are cute as buttons and happy as clams on summer vacation in Michigan

July 25, 2011

A South African birthday gift from Zita's travels for Laura

July 18, 2011

The flowers we sponsored for the premiere of Awaken the Dragon, the documentary starring Lynda Rock (seen in the background) and her many hair lengths and hair colors

Read the haikus and limerick that we wrote in honor of the creators Liz Oakley and Ed Bates. Artwork by Graeme Rock

A five star movie
filmed with compassion and flair
So wish to be there
Strike! Give it your all
Till you feel the mighty pain
Of a victory.
-Tom Sr
Defeat is a lonely word
Do not know defeat
Let cancer know it instead
(A dyslexic haiku:-)
Boat on the river
Powered by "never give in"
Everyone should know.
Liz and Ed propelled
by the distant sound of drums
we all watch in awe!
Dragon is awake
To Dragon Boat Charleston
Liz and Ed glory.
Capture DBC
Scale the highs and lows of life
The Dragon awakes.

You neutrally observed then
You are in for life.

Your movie is finally done
and yet i imagine more fun:
the clams that you'll reap
are in a big heap
of millions or billions or ones

July 11, 2011

Tracy's new hearthrob - his new fully-loaded 2011 Nissan Maxima!

July 3, 2011

Turbaned Teen T being monitored for seizure activity. A good look for him!

June 26, 2011

T and Austin a couple of weekends ago. Their faces tell two different stories.

June 19, 2011

Fifty five years of raising a passel of children and look what he gets in return.
Happy Father's Day, Dad!

June 12, 2011

Another fun and happening Spoleto season! Thanks to Ingrid for once again orchestrating the circus of events, ticket management, sleeping arrangements, meals, trips to the airport, and more. (Missing from this group are Little T (who was napping) and Ben, Den and Ann (who were part of the first wave)

See the other versions

May 30, 2011

A new photo for the Scars and Scabs page. Rumor has it this was caused by some mimosas and steps in a dark doorway and it was witnessed by many strangers at a posh reception and NO ONE CAUGHT IT ON TAPE.

May 23, 2011

Guess who turned 17 this week. Happy Birthday, Little T! Celebrate!!!

May 16, 2011

William and Austin's lovely spring front yard. How many cherubs do YOU see?

May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day Ingrid, Lynda and Sandy. Ingrid represents!

May 2, 2011

The 2011 Easter Egg Battle winners with their winning eggs. Congrats to the boys! (Your sisters will crush you next year.)

April 24, 2011

Happy 20th Anniversary Wishes to Tommy and Sandy from around the country!

April 17, 2011

A very happy Friday night celebration of Zita's birthday in Baltimore - good food, good company and South African liqueur

April 10, 2011

lenore gets a healthy dose of family from Edisto and Rockford - Joan, Jeff, Lenore, Susie, Ruth and Ingrid!
Also, check out the new entries on the Family Scars & Scabs page if you dare!

March 27, 2011

Tom and his adoring fans (Johnny, Patsy, Phoebe, Jim, Ingrid) after opening night of If It's Monday, This Must Be Murder

March 20, 2011

Did you know major surgery could be so sexy?
Austin took the top pic while Lenore was in the ICU. Below, Dr. Gonzales is removing the last of Lenore's staples a couple of hours before she was realeased on Friday

March 13, 2011

Lynda meets up in Nashville with friends since the early 70s: Toni and Haywood

February 20, 2011

Tracy, Zita and Lyla on their way to talk to the animals at one of the many game reserves they have visited in Africa

February 13, 2011

Christmas Time: T hijacked Lenore's phone and probably downloaded a bunch of Tigger apps

February 6, 2011

Tom and Lenore present Tom's Christmas Contest entry as Albert Einstein and his daughter Albertina. We think they got 3rd place.

January 30, 2011

At Zita's for Sunday Lunch: Tracy, Lyla, Lenore, Zita, Mara, Laura and a passing cat

January 23, 2011

Austin enjoying his favorite part of crispy whole fish at a local Thai rstaurant. It was one of those serendipitous nights when the parking gods were in a generous mood, the wait staff was very accommodating, the food was delicious, Lenore was with us and Lyla paid the bill. Thanks, Lyla!

January 16, 2011

Christmas morning: An Austin-original fake fur scarf for Sandy and heavily symbolic bottle of Paddy's for Tom

January 9, 2011

This is what happens when you sleep late when your uncles are around

January 2, 2011

There seemed to be some anti-gravity happening down at the Beach on Christmas Eve.

December 26, 2010

The Official 2010 Christmas Family Photo, the Winner of the 2010 Christmas Contest and a bald eagle that visited Christmas morning. We are not sure how a lovely embroidered handiwork of a dragon boat is a science project but Ingrid managed to win over the Christmas Contest judges.

December 19, 2010

We are all mourning the passing of Xena, Lenore's cat of the last 13 years. She was sweet, playful and funny. Here she is in one of her favorite places and sneaking some of Lenore's beverage. She will never be forgotten.

December 12, 2010

Two wonderful family portraits.

December 5, 2010

Florida Avenue Gallery: Austin and William's townhouse renovations are coming along nicely

November 28, 2010

October 22 weekend: Lunch at the American Art museum after seeing the Munch exhibit

November 21, 2010

Cute cards hanging in Kevin's hospital room from his classmates

November 14, 2010

2010 Halloween: The Scary and Pretty Scary (Thanks to all intentional and unintentional contributors)
Scarier version

November 7, 2010

A Grateful Dead and Baseball themed party for Tracy. Happy Birthday Tracy! (Note the GD quilt commissioned by Lyla and crafted by Austin)

October 31, 2010

Looks like Lynda was caught on surveillance video at her local Target with a new friend. Happy Halloween!

October 16, 2010

More scenes from Zita, Austin and William's trip to Russia
(photo credit: fellow traveller Jane)

October 9, 2010

William and Austin in Red Square

October 2, 2010

Street sign out in rural Virginia. (Snickersville is what we call the hard-to-pronounce street in Riga, Latvia where Ingrid and Zita grew up)

September 26, 2010

William missing Edvard but enjoying the art at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Welcome back Austin, William and Zita!

September 19, 2010

Karen, Zach and Graeme with the fixins for Zach's famous waffles. Some of us are jealous that we could not be there.

September 12, 2010

I finally got a good shot of one of the hummingbirds that have been buzzing my balcony all summer.

September 5, 2010

Summer Crab Feast at Zita's! I think Methodious and Cyril were waiting to be served outside.

August 29, 2010

A snapshot of Tom and Ingrid in Latvia and the unconventional Latvian cake Lyla, Austin and I made for our friends wedding. Happy 55th Anniversay to Ingrid and Tom and Happy Wedding to Alan and Mark.

August 22, 2010

Lenore entered her largest tomato in Dundee Farmers Market Annual Largest Tomato Contest. Although it was not the winner it was the least ugly. Lenore's entry is front row center.(Photo credit: Paula)

August 15, 2010

Graeme moving into the dorm at University of South Carolina with help from Karen (friend from our days in Augusta with whom we so happily recently reconnected and who teaches Art Education) and with his new roommate Kevin from the great state of Illinois (where most of us were born)

August 8, 2010

Tom and Lenore were in Rockford to attend a sad event: the memorial service for Tom's cousin Jean Crawford. But they were able to spend some nice time with the Rockford relatives. Here they are with cousin Ruth and one of the clydesdales that another cousin raises

August 1, 2010

The cutest (but not by far) guests at Austin and William's Fish Fry: Tracy's grandchildren - Kevin, Ethan and Rachel

July 25, 2010

Fish Fry Weekend: Austin and William hosted a wonderful fish fry party Saturday. Top is Ernest (who caught the fish) and Pam in front of Austin's coconut cake. Bottom is Graeme, Ingrid, Tom Lyla and Gard Sunday at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in front of the first electron microscope used in the United States.

July 18, 2010

Graeme relaxing with his college required reading Into the Wild. Will he finish in time?

July 11, 2010

A wonderful dinner at Tommy ad Sandy's newly and spiffily renovationed house

July 4, 2010

This fuzzy photo came from Uncle Austin and "1927" was written on the back. If this year is correct then the boy in the vehicle is Austin and the baby is Tom. Then from the left we have Uncle Dan (Tom and Austin's farmer uncle), Marcella (their mother), Austin (their grandfather), friend Ed Quinn and Austin (their father).

Read more about these guys here. More family history from Uncle Austin will be added soon.
Click the image to see a larger size.

June 27, 2010

New cousin update: They are all still cute as buttons. Here's Max as proof positive.

June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there. Tom celebrates by trying to scare the steaks in his new board shorts and perky potholder apron

June 13, 2010

Ben, Dennis, Woody and Patrick: Four of Graeme's doting male role models
Check out more pictures from the big graduation/birthday weekend

June 6, 2010

Congratulations to Graeme on his high school graduation!! Your future awaits.

May 30, 2010

A refreshing scene for a hot Memorial Day Weekend - Zita's cat Methodious assesses the snow situation back in February

May 23, 2010

We are all saddened by the death of our Uncle Austin who we will miss very much. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Aunt Gwen. We are also thinking of Judy who has provided so much helpful support.

May 16, 2010

Ingrid's cyclamen was particularly beautiful this year - in full bloom just in time for Mother's Day. Photo by Tom Sr

May 9, 2010

Lenore's early 50th birthday celebration!

April 25, 2010

Still More Easter 2010: Laura and her egg are victorious in the Easter Egg Smash Competition

April 18, 2010

Easter Easter Egg Hunt in Austin and William's spring garden!

April 11, 2010

Graeme prepares for the future: A 2 day visit to University of Maryland Baltimore County (here with Zita and UMBC student guide James) and a haircut (photo courtesy of Austin)

April 4, 2010

A new stove and dishwasher for Austin and William just in time for the Easter egg decorating

March 28, 2010

Tom embracing the Digital Revolution studying his iPhone in Lynda's car

March 21, 2010

A Study in Green Hats: Emma, Lenny, Leo, Kaitlin and Max on St Patrick's Day. I bet little Max could lead us to the pot of gold.

March 14, 2010

William at the Met in NYC celebrating his birthday. Happy Birthday William!

March 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Austman!

February 28, 2010

From Chaos to Serenity: Tom and Graeme assemble the new dining room table at the George.

February 21, 2010

Ellen is a woman of many facial expressions. Here she, Austin and Sam are acknowledging the success of their marvelous collaboration. We enjoyed sushi, ribs, chicken, vegetable curry, shrimp fries and many, many other delights.

February 14, 2009

One wild and crazy Alice In Wonderland meets The Fifth Element birthday party for Lynda at the bowling alley.

February 7, 2010

Graeme tours the new School of the Arts in fine red and gold themed style amongst his adoring fans. Impressive!

January 31, 2009

Before and After: William and his elbows posing with his award winning Christmas contest entry and William's broken left elbow posing for an xray. We wish him a speedy recovery.

January 24, 2010

Tom and Ingrid tour the frigid landscape of East Dundee, IL

January 10, 2009

Three boys and the new girl
Tommy, Sandy, Little T and Biggums welcome Ginger, their newly adopted golden retriever, to the family

January 3, 2010

Graeme celebrates Christmas, his Christmas Contest First Place and the unusually high surf on Edisto Island

December 19, 2010

One minute Tracy is receiving the US Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award for Superior Federal Service, the next minute he's tearing up the streets on his stylish new scooter. Go Tracy, Go Tracy!

December 12, 2009

A smiling Lenore before 8 inches of her intestine was removed on November 30. She was not quite so chipper after surgery but is home and doing much better now.

December 5, 2009

Meet Maxwell Austin Schroeder, the newest member of the Schroeder-Sheridan-Carlson-McDonald clan. Congratulations to Kaitlin, Lenny, Emma, Leo and the rest of the family!

November 30, 2009

Chicago-DC-Savannah Thanksgiving morning video chat

November 23, 2009

Enjoying the fall colors at Lake Lure in the NC. Paula has suggested that T is either ordering a pizza or calling a cab.

November 16, 2009

Graeme as Fagin with The Artful Dodger in a recent production of Oliver

November 9, 2009

Ben is either cooking or he's making some money on the side advertising condiments. (Photo courtesy of Lynda)

November 1, 2009

Fuzzy Fabulousness! Austin, William, Yvonne and Craig pose in their costumes (created by Austin) before heading out to the Ms. Adams Morgan Pageant.
(click the pic for larger image)

October 25, 2009

Rob Living Dangerously: How one is probably not supposed to hang a dragon boat banner at Lynda's house

October 18, 2009

Halloween circa 1964. I was a gypsy. Lyla was either a gyspy or a princess. The construction of our costumes probably involved curtains and pajamas.

October 11, 2009

Graeme sporting a stache at his birthday celebration dinner. Happy Birthday to Graeme, Tommy and Paula!

October 4, 2009

Kitchen view of the goings-on on the first night in Ingrid and Tom's new condo - The George. I think they are going to play parlor games.

September 28, 2009

2009 McDonald Family Christmas Contest - Create a Christmas Ornament!

September 20, 2009

See the video of Lynda's interview on local Charleston TV

September 13, 2009

Graeme, the Duck Whisperer

September 6, 2009

Lenore and her celebrity friend, Paula Poundstone

August 30, 2009

Graeme, Lynda and Ingrid in Prague for the World Dragon Boat Racing Championships. Lynda has won a bronze and two silver medals so far.

August 23, 2009

Sandra and Maris cycling along the Baltic Sea in Jurmala

August 16, 2009

Little T: Back seat driver

August 9, 2009

Fossil hunting beach walk in the afternoon. Margueritas on the dock before dinner. Kayaking at night. Vacation!

August 2, 2009

Tracy returns from his adventures on the high seas and a sand bar. If only cocktails were served on the sand bar.

July 26, 2009

Lenore's desk at work. A little Edisto, a little Looney Tunes, a lot Badtz Maru

July 19, 2009

Lyla's seldom seen cat Kakis decides to join in on a video chat

July 12, 2009

Don't panic! This is an old picture from last fall when Ingrid had a stent placed in an artery. (photo courtesy of Tom)

June 28, 2009

William, the cockatiel whisperer!

June 21, 2009

Graeme doing his pet grooming chore. Willow loves it! (photo courtesy of Zita)

June 14, 2009

Our cutest cousins Emma and Leo.
We all share the joy of Leo's recent christening and the sadness of the passing of Emma and Leo's great grandmother Peggy

June 7, 2009

Laura prancing around the ruins at Machu Picchu in Peru

May 17, 2009

Lynda is celebrating her successful time-trial in Philadelphia yesterday. She was chosen to join a team that will be competing in Prague in August!

May 10, 2009

Aina and Maris enjoying springtime on Snikeres Iela (or Snickersville, as we non-Latvian speakers refer to the street where Ingrid grew up)

May 3, 2009

Lynda, 2009 Charleston Dragon Boat Festival medal winner, with Golden (Gordon).

A more official photo.

April 26, 2009

Lynda lends some of her hair to Lenore at William's 50th Birthday party

April 19, 2009

Gail and Chris on their wedding day and two other sharp-looking couples

April 12, 2009

No, Ingrid is not immigrating back to Latvia. She and Lyla went on an excursion out to Fort Sumter in Charleston (Photo courtesy of Lyla)

April 5, 2009

Tom Sr in a well received Edisto Players production of Opal's Husband.
This scene had different effects on different age groups. Adults found it hilarious (as it was meant to be) but it was met with horrified silence when they presented it to elementary school kids.

March 30, 2009

What did Lyla and Tracy do to deserve this and why is Lyla having so much fun? (Thanks again, Paula)

March 22, 2009

Another Edisto Sunset. (photo courtesy of Paula)

March 15, 2009

Tay and Biggums sure know how to accesorize!

March 8, 2009

The March Birthday boys cutting WIlliam's cake.
Photo courtesy of Lenore. Be sure to check out the photobooth video from the party.

March 1, 2009

Most of the family at Lynda's Birthday party. Lenore presence made possible by Apple iChat and Archie. Photo courtesy of Dell.

February 22, 2009

Lenore and Xena check out the internet. Photo courtesy of Zita who was there helping out.

February 15, 2009

Old friends Lynda and Rich Brotherton circa 1974

February 8, 2009

17 bags of leaves: Lyla may have a warning for anyone else who might want to "help" Lynda during chemo.

February 1, 2009

Dragonboat paddlers and Dragonboat Cake make a great party. Happy 50th Lynda!

January 25, 2009

January 11, 2009

Zita with her new kangaroo friends in Australia

January 4, 2009

Tom, the winner of the 2008 Family Christmas Contest
Check out the contest entries and pictures

December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008 Family Portrait

December 21, 2008

Austin, William and Totoro in the ICU after Austin's quadruple bypass heart surgery. He is doing well. If you dare, visit the Scars and Scabs Page for the gory detail

December 14, 2008

Family Portrait in Lenore's hospital room

December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (also winter) at Lenore's

November 30, 2008

The Boys: Austin, Ben, Dennis and William

November 23, 2008

Meet our new cousin Leonard Ralph Schroeder III! Congratulations to Kaitlin and Lenny and their families.

November 16, 2008

Graeme as small-time gambler Nicely-Nicely Johnson in a James Island, SC production of Guys and Dolls

November 9, 2008

I love a man in a uniform: Austin with Tom and Mary Anne, Austin with Gwen and Marcella (Grandma)
click image for larger version

November 2, 2008

Lynda racing with her outrigger team in Florida. Sharks beware!

October 26, 2008

Lenore serves up both scary and cute this Halloween

October 19, 2008

A lovely fall day at Snikeres Iela during Tom and Ingrid's Riga Opera Marathon.

October 12, 2008

Yvonne, Craig, William and Austin at Ms. Adams Morgan Day. What else can I say?

October 5, 2008

Grandma's lovely old coffee pot now holding utensils in Laura's kitchen. Lynda says I stole it from her.

September 28, 2008

Report from Maris: Ingrid & Tom with Aina at the Hotel Riga and their view of the Opera House.

September 21, 2008

Austin and William in the back seat

September 14, 2008

Lyla does not realize that that little nuclear family of hers is about to get a whole lot bigger

September 7, 2008

Gunta, our good friend from Latvia, has been enjoying taking oil painting classes during breaks from her studies in Sweden.

August 31, 2008

Lynda and Jenny: PFFs (Party Friends Forever)

August 24, 2008

Gustavs striking a samurai pose.

August 17, 2008

Surprise VideoChat guests! They had just come back from a boat ride with Tommy.

August 10, 2008

Meet Ms. Blue, Tom and Ingrid's brand spanking new Mercury Grand Marquis

August 3, 2008

Lynda had a nice visit with Austin and Gwen last weekend

August 3, 2008

Lynda had a nice visit with Austin and Gwen last weekend

July 27, 2008

Tom probably in the late 1940s with a carton of Dean's Milk and an unidentified friend

July 20, 2008

Group shot at Snickersville on the last day

July 6, 2008

Here we are eating Latvian food and drinking Latvian beer, tea, mik and mikshakes in Liepupe, Latvia near the sea. From left, Ilze, Graeme, Laura, Aina, Sandra, Maris, Ingrid, Gustavs and Tom. Lenore is taking the picture

June 29, 2008

Our cousins Kaitlin and Anna at Kaitlin's wedding. Congratulaions Kaitlin!
Click on the image to see more of Lenore and Paula's pictures of the festivities.

June 22, 2008

Lynda's new ride: A Honda Civic EX with sunroof and alloy wheels

June 15, 2008

Portrait of an Accident: Lynda is OK but she is pretty bruised up after she hit a jeep driven by a 19 year old who swerved into her lane. The hospital cut her out of her clothes and sent her home in a fierce paper ensemble. I think those bruises are actually an alien-drawn map showing the way back to their planet. (click image for larger version)

June 8, 2008

Ben helps Austin show off his famous sauteed spinach with star fruit dish.

June 1, 2008

30 years later: Austin, Cindy, Debbie and I take a break from laughing to smile for the camera.
Debbie was the same age as her daughter Laura when I last saw her.

May 25, 2008

Graeme had his hair lopped off for charity this week

May 18, 2008

2008 St. Patrick's Day Parade in East Dundee (note the fun little green hat)

May 11, 2008

High Tech Tourism

Scary Picture of the Week: If you dare, visit the Family Scars & Scabs Page

May 4, 2008

Ingrid made a friend at the Inaugural Charleston Dragon Boat Festival

April 27, 2008

Graeme in "State Fair". To find him look left and then up

April 20, 2008

Austin's New Ride - A 2008 Scion XB

April 13, 2008

Before and After: Instead of doing her taxes Lynda spent hours trimming the bushes surrounding the great live oak in her back yard. Graeme helped out and it gave him an oppurtunity to practice his male modeling

April 6, 2008

Meet Big Boy, the newest member of the McDonald Family Pets.
And before you hear about it on the local TV news I should warn
you that he is currently under investigation

March 30, 2008

Latvian-Americans in Paris

March 23, 2008

Honey and her buddy Little T.
Honey, we will miss you.

March 16, 2008

Graeme's criminal past

March 9, 2008


March 2, 2008

The Birthday Boys of March

Feb 24, 2008

Working or playing?

Feb 17, 2008

Considering the tension, cameraman incompetance and even a knee injury
leading up to this shot we all look pretty happy

Feb 10, 2008

Redhead in the Sun

Feb 3, 2008

Evidence of a Recent Birthday

January 27, 2008

Recent Family Photos- Where's the red carpet?

January 19, 2008

The Classic Taj Mahal Photo Op

January 7, 2007

Lenore took this while circling in the air above Chicago.
Look for The Sears Tower and the Hancock Building

December 31, 2007

Christmas Contest 2007 - 1st place - Ingrid

2nd place - Tommy

3rd place - Laura

December 15, 2007

Trailer trash ghosts of Christmas past

December 8, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Christmas 1992: Graeme eventually came to like Santa and Steve.

December 1, 2007

A little bit of Christmas. A little more clown. Does anybody recognize the ornaments?

November 25, 2007

Lynda received this Uncle Austin original this week.
Several people in our family have admitted to having a fear of clowns (coulrophobia) but no one can deny that this painting is truly awesome. The colors and details are amazing.

November 18, 2007

OK, T's looks like he's golfing but Dad looks like he's the first man on the moon. The fall colors are really beautiful.

November 11, 2007

Here are Lyla and Laura at one of the Chicago zoos on a cold blustery day.
Laura is stylin' a bare midriff years before it becomes trendy.

November 4, 2007

Here we are with Dottie Hamilton. And there's that poster again!
I did not realize I was trying to get my hair to look like Lynda's. I thought it was anarchy. Lynda says she still has the sweater she is wearing.

October 28, 2007

Creepy Halloween Greetings from Charleston, SC

October 21, 2007

Lots of little memories here - the posters, the wallpaper, the acrylic paint decoration on the cement blocks, Lynda's scarf. Lyla, do you still have that cast?

October 14, 2007

Tom & Ingrid outside the Kennedy Center before hearing Midori play from the nose-bleed section of the Concert Hall

October 7, 2007

Lynda and Graeme's new ride - a 1997 Volvo 850 stationwagon

September 30, 2007

More water sports. Hey, that does not look like exercise!

September 23, 2007

In keeping with the water sports theme here's Susie with her 1977 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am, the coolest car on the planet.

September 16, 2007

Lynda along with 5 other teammates won first place
in their division in the Wye Island Regatta

September 9, 2007


September 2, 2007

Before the boys

August 26, 2007

Look what I found!
This is also to tell you that the theme of Christmas Contest 2007 has
been decided and the announcement will be in the mail real soon.

August 19, 2007

From The Archive: November 2004

August 12, 2007

A Birthday Drawing from Uncle Austin

August 5, 2007

Crab hands at Zita's!

July 29, 2007

T has joined in on the vchatting. It's amazing how bratty he can be with a webcam.

July 22, 2007

Birthday Cake

July 15, 2007

The Cloud Gate in Chicago. And just in case you missed them there's Lenore, Mom, Dad and Ben in a closeup.

July 8, 2007

There was a severe shortage of Latvians in every American city that was not Indianapolis last week

July 1, 2007

The Birthday Kids with Mickey, cake maker extraordinaire

June 24, 2007

Lynda and Graeme met with Uncle Austin at LAX on the way to Taiwan

June 17, 2007

Happy Father's day to all the fathers in our family
(photo courtesy of Zita)

June 10, 2007

Austin and Shelley think Austin is taking a picture. It does not go well.

May 27, 2007

Three Gentlemen
Three Gentlemen
The gentleman in the middle inspired several stories about a man in a black hat.
Read the stories here.

May 20, 2007

02/02/02 celebration

May 13, 2007

emma skye
Emma Skye: Youngest and Cutest Techno Wiz in the Family

May 6, 2007

rockford party
Jim, Jean, Joan and "Birthday Girl" Ruth

April 29, 2007

Lyla is the special guest at this week's video chat

April 22, 2007

arugula picking
Laura and Wayne harvesting arugula in the rain

April 15, 2007

above the clouds
Lyla and Tracy above the clouds in Hawaii

April 8, 2007

vchat with ancestors
Video chatting with our ancestors

April 1, 2007

beach bums
Beach Bums

March 25, 2007

the nerd
The Nerd with his wife

March 18, 2007

William with shrimp
Another Birthday Boy. Happy Birthday, William!

March 11, 2007

Austin had another birthday last week. Happy Birthday, Dude!

March 4, 2007

Very High Tide
Very High Tide at Edisto (photo courtesy of Graeme)

February 25, 2007

Best Friend Forever
My new BFF, or at least until it melts

February 18, 2007

Indian Jones
Indiana Jones with godparents, Anna and Joe

February 11, 2007

plastic surgery
Dad says he fell but I think he got a second nose job and a face lift.

February 4, 2007

rockford crowd
The Rockford Gang

January 28, 2007

aunt mary anne
This week marks the anniversary of Aunt Mary Anne's death.
She was very proud of her new picture emailing skills
when she sent this to me in 2004 after her vacation with her friend Len.

January 21, 2007

A True Legend - The Pot With The Pretty Blue Lid

January 14, 2007

Lenore at work
Lenore at Work December 2005

January 7, 2007

Lynda and Graeme Hanging

December 31, 2006

new painting for mom
A new painting by Dad for Mom
Where are they going to put it?

December 17, 2006

graeme and friend
Lenore's House All Decked Out
Decorations and Snow Shoveling by
various McDonalds and Winkelmanns

Dec 10, 2006

graeme and friend
Graeme and friend at the Van Ness Metro station
Washington, DC August 2004

Dec 3, 2006

before before
photos by Zita as she picked them up at both ends of their trip
Before and After the Honeymoon

November 26, 2006

trip to WBBQ

After School Activity circa 1968: A Trip to WBBQ radio station.

The Worley sisters came along too.

November 19, 2006


Edvard on the passenger side

November 12, 2006

Austin at the Organization of American States

November 5, 2006

Guess which one is not like the others.
Graeme, Austin, Paula, Lenore's pumpkin and Tracy at their scariest

October 29, 2006

The Newlyweds!
See the pictures

October 22, 2006

Look at Little T looking at his dad!

October 15, 2006

Austin and William with Matthew and Shelley at the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant

October 8, 2006

Call Paula to schedule a grooming appointment with Hoops
(This may take a few minutes to load.
Reload the page to view again.)

October 1, 2006

I think this picture caused nightmares for all involved after
Tommy and Austin used it in the 2005 Christmas contest.
See original picture

September 24, 2006

Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD
Laura, Zita and Lynda are in this picture.

September 17, 2006

Staunton, VA November 2004

September 10, 2006

Swamp Monster from the Tidal Basin

September 3, 2006

Memories from a year ago

August 27, 2006

August 20, 2006

The waitress at the Ethiopian restaurant did not understand martinis
so Lyla ordered a glass of olive juice to make hers "dirty"

August 13, 2006

Surprise Thanksgiving 2004 Guest

August 6, 2006

Lenore's new quilt made by Austin, commandeered by Paula

July 30, 2006

Tool time for Tommy down the dumb waiter shaft

July 23, 2006

Lift that barge! Tote that bail!

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July 16, 2006

This is Uncle Austin at age 2.
Now we have to guess who is in the upper right corner.
Could it be Grandma?

Uncle Austin sent these two photos to me. Here he is with Aunt Gwen.
He claims the police car had nothing to do with him and Gwen.


July 9, 2006

I'm from the band called LIMOZEEN (it's a Homestar Runner thing)


July 2, 2006

Lenore with her new do and her gin of choice (if she drank)

June 25, 2006

big bread
Dad tackles a big loaf of Latvian Rye Bread

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big bread
Dad tackles a big loaf of Latvian Rye Bread

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