Out of Riga

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The Ethnographic Museum
A many acre reconstruction of Latvian life in the 17-19th centuries.
Buildings included farmsteads, churches, windmills, fishing villages and other historic buildings.
During the summer artisans set up shop and you can eat and drink like a true Latvian.
Our visit was more like a walk through a snowy forest.
Connie Connie
Aaron in the trees
The grounds were so quiet. We could hear the few birds that liked the cold including a woodpecker who seemed to be working in slo-mo
The houses were built hundreds of years ago and moved to this location to be part of the museum
Connie Connie
One of several hardy cats we saw
Our take-charge tour guide is in blue. At first I felt like we were at boot camp but she softened up. She knew her ethnographic history.
Bay of Riga resort area
Dana and William group of dancers
There was lots of new construction in Jurmala. This is a new huge hotel Aaron in the frozen waves trying to chat up a seagull
(Sadly, it flew away)
Dana and William group of dancers
Elma and Ingrid walking to the sea A cold wait for the bus back to Riga

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