Out of Riga

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Sigulda: Gutmanis Cave
bridge shu-chen
Tati and Suzanne cross the bridge to the cave.
Shu-Chen prepares for the snowball fight
Shu-Chen waits for the snowball fight to start
Bobby and Jordan
Bobby holds the little bundle that is Jordan
Sigulda: Turaida Castle
castle in the mist elizabeth in the tower
The tower we climbed surrounded by mist Inside the tower. The floor was covered with snow
view from the tower
View from the tower
jimmy William chats
Jimmy in front of a small castle door William chats up one of the tour guides/dance instructors
Anne and Jordan tower through the arch
Anne now holds the little bundle. Tati takes it all in Artistic shot
Sigulda: The restaurant
miyako connie
Miyako Connie with candlestick
lots of food
We ate well

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