Food, the Latvian Way

On my 2001 trip my favorite foods were sorrel soup and sweet/sour rye bread.
On this trip I tried several sorrel soups but was disappointed. I did find the good bread but it was not in every bread basket.

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Shne Food Plane Food With Wine
Plane Food (not Latvian) Plane Food (not Latvian) With Wine
Sour Cabbage lamb soup
Sour Cabbage Soup. the best soup I had Miyako's lamb soup
red soup cheese soup
Musician Aaron's soup, probably tomato Vegatable Cream Soup
mushroom bread Bread Soup
Musician Aaron ordered this Bread Mushroom/Soup dish
Herring gray peas
Herring, a Latvian staple Gray Peas. We had several versions of this dish
Apple and Potato Pancakes Apple and Potato Pancakes
Apple and Potato Pancakes from The Pancake House
greasy but delicious
Potato Pancakes with salmon from the restaurant
near the castle, excellent!
Crowded table Ilze and Jeremy
Hot drink with cranberry juice. Kicky serving glass Decadent Hot Chocolate from a storefront
chocolate factory across from the Opera House
Gruel with Cheetos
And this is what I came back to

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