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pussy willows Leonardo
Pussy willows for the dancers Leonardo documents too
Aaron and Elizabeth Party Girls
Aaron and Elizabeth Here I am with local choreographer Olga (left)
and Shu-Chen, Amy, Gunta and Suzanne
Karlis Party Girls
Karlis, his wife, Sandra, and Janis and Dzidra Maris, Sandra and Maris' wife Evita
Dana and William group of dancers
William chats up Dana Daina, Dana, Shu-Chen, Maja, Connie, Suzanne
A famous Latvian actress Bobby, Anne & Family
Actress Akvalina and her husband Rolands Bobby and Anne with 3 year old Jimmy and 1 year old Jordan
Karlis Party Girls
Nice brooch A representative from the American Embassy
with my godmother's cousin, Andrejs

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